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August 22, 2018

We’re living at a historical point of disruption, in the twilight of neoliberalism, a time of great peril and promise. It is a crucial moment to contest our future. The Ulex Project is looking for someone with the skills and commitment to join our team doing just that.

The Ulex Project is about using activist education to build capacity, impact and resilience in progressive social movements across Europe. To meet the enthusiasm for our work at the training centre in Catalunya and through our pan-European projects, that we a Joint Project Coordinator to join our team.

They will help us to develop our relationships with the partner organisations we support with training; strengthen our trainers network, to increase the provision of high quality activist education; be involved in shaping our strategic response to socio-political developments across Europe; and support talented and committed activists to make a difference.

This new member of our team will join an eight-person team already engaged in Ulex work. The existing team is mostly based in Catalunya, across two sites, while a couple of the team are based in other parts of Europe. The role we currently want to recruit involves being based with the core team – both living and working at our project base in the Catalan mountains.

Both the project and the community are grounded in an ‘integral activist’ ethos – which we apply at the personal, interpersonal and political levels. We take our personal development as seriously as our social engagement – considering the transformation of self and the transformation of the world to be inseparable. As an organisation we practice ‘prefigurative politics’, meaning we embody the values we want to promote and struggle for. We live and work by the principles ‘transformative collaboration’ and ‘regenerative activism’ as promoted through the trainings we run. Aspects of community life are contemplative, with many community members inspired and motivated by aspects of the Buddhist tradition and nature-based/ecological practice.

We operate a ‘solidarity economy’. In this role all costs of food and lodging will be covered (equivalent to around €9000+ pa) and additional financial support will be negotiated between 5K and 10K pa, depending on needs.

It’s a ‘full time’ role, which means 4 days/32 hours a week. Core team take part in a month-long meditation retreat together each year (usually around March) and can take an additional 6 weeks down time.

The international scope of the work means that main working language is English. So, competence in both spoken and written English is necessary. Spanish and/or Catalan are also an advantage. The remote location means that an ability to drive would be useful.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone with good collaborative working skills, a passion for education that empowers socio-political action, basic digital competences, and who is interested in taking on this kind of role for at least a couple of years. Ideally, they would start this autumn or early winter.  

We’d like applications by 20th September.

For a role description, person specification and application form please drop us a line at

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