Dr. Louise Hemmerman studied sociology at the Universities of Durham and Leeds and in 2006 she received her doctorate, for a thesis exploring the health impact of intensive caring responsibilities on women in mid -life. Upon completing her post- doctoral fellowship, in 2009, she left academia to pursue her growing commitment to climate activism.  From 2009 to 2015 Louise joined the Ecodharma training collective, and drawing on her first-hand experience of emotional fatigue from her involvement in direct action and its legal consequences, she began developing the Sustaining Resistance, Empowering Renewal programme of work and collaboration, as an organiser, fundraiser and facilitator.  In recent years, her studies have centred more towards healing oriented and somatic topics, including the complex interface between trauma, body disconnection and burnout. In 2016, she left the Ecodharma resident team to write up her research and studies, train as a TRE practitioner and pursue further training in healing the energetic and embodied repercussions of experiencing trauma.