Jack Lyus (Dharmacari Kamalanandi)

A buddhist, single parent, and self employed furniture maker. Kamalanandi is the first trans member of the men’s wing of the Triratna Buddhist Order. He is one of the founders of a support group for gender diverse members of the Triratna Buddhist Community and is part of a team that runs residential retreats, day retreats and evening meetings under that same banner.

He currently holds the mandate for Inclusivity within Buddhafield as well as the  mandate for the Buddhafield Village Retreat. This year he was also invited to attend a panel that was set up to look at how the UK National Health Service can support people of faith who are accessing gender clinics in the UK.

He has a commitment to engaging in effective communication, drawing on his training in ethics and the principles of NVC. A meditator for two decades, he is passionate about enabling people, through meditation, to engage more fully with their experience of being human and to deepen their understanding of interconnectedness.