Charlotte Millar

Charlotte Millar is Head of Training for the New Economy Organisers Network and is a co-founder and strategist with the Finance Innovation Lab. Her specialist fields are strategy, organisation building and leadership. NEON is a network of people working for an economy based on social and economic justice. Its main aims are to connect its members, build their power through training and give them the narratives and media skills to shift the debate. Within this network, Charlotte leads on training NEON members to build the effective and sustainable leaders, organisations and movements needed for large scale change. The Finance Innovation Lab incubates the people, ideas and movements building a financial system that serves people and planet. Charlotte co-led the design of their incubation programme for innovators in alternative finance and specifically focuses on building participants’ collaborative leadership skills. She is also Chair of Positive Money, who campaign for a fair, democratic and sustainable money system. She is also a Trustee of the Public Interest Research Centre, who develop the stories and communication strategies campaigners need to affect deep cultural change. In her limited (!) spare time, Charlotte finds ways to deepen her connection with Buddhism, nature and the arts.