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Desarrollamos y seleccionamos capacitación de alta calidad para activistas y organizaciones. Adoptamos un enfoque integral: buscamos respuestas sistémicas a los desafíos sistémicos. Profundizamos la reflexión y fortalecemos las conexiones para el empoderamiento personal y colectivo.

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A training for experienced activists and organisers involved in movement level thinking and practice. An opportunity to inquire deeply into how our organisations and networks relate to the wider ecology of our movements – and how these movements relate to wider struggles in the ever changing cultural, socio-political and ecological context. Participants will engage in deep analysis of their own movement practice and ecology. They will gain skills and understanding to make their activism and organising more powerful and transformative.

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We will be exploring the key challenge we hear again and again across our movements: that our movements lack the capacity to develop longer term and responsive strategies for deep social transformation. Social change is highly complex, as are social movements themselves, and strategising at this level requires more than simply upscaling the tools we might use for individual organisations and campaigns. We’ll look for responses to this challenge by drawing on case studies, and exploring skillsets and tools for strategizing at scale and amidst volatile and unpredictable conditions.

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