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We develop and curate high quality training for activists and organisations. We take an integral approach – looking for systemic responses to systemic challenges. We deepen reflection and strengthen connections for personal and collective empowerment.

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Activists, human rights defenders, and political organisers can suffer attacks at the hands of both State and non-State actors seeking to hinder their work. This damages our effectiveness and the wellbeing of ourselves and those around us. Such attacks can deter and hinder efforts towards greater social justice and ecological integrity. This training offers methods of analysis, strategy and implementation to protect spaces for activism and resistance.

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5 to 11 Dec 2022

A workshop-lab for socio-ecological change practitioners, educators, and trainers seeking to empower defence of the earth and struggles for social justice, hosted near Kóln, Germany. As we witness the global system of industrial growth-based production collide with non-negotiable ecological limits, the need for collective action in defence of the earth and social justice has never been clearer. We are interested in how nature connection, ecopsychology, and ecological education can all play a part. Those of us who practice such work know how deeply transformative it can be and how it can offer insight, healing, connection and deep shifts in perspective. What can we do to make it more effective and powerful as a stimulus and support to social and ecological action? And how do we ensure that when working with these ecological and nature-based modalities we don’t inadvertently repeat the patterns of harm we’re trying to change? Join us on this part-training, part lab to find out.

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This year-long+ programme aims to respond to the key challenges movements and organisations are facing in Europe, from fragmentation, persistent divisions within and between movements, and a lack of movement capacity for longer-term and coherent strategy. It aims to nurture the interconnected movements and responsive strategies needed to challenge the interlocking systems of oppression we face today.

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