Advisory Group

Our Advisory Group helps us to remain responsive to the needs of these times so that we can design trainings which really meet them.  These are some of the people we bounce ideas off, gain important insights from, and who help us to keep our thinking and approach relevant and responsive.

Laurence Cox

Location: Maynooth University, Dublin, Ireland

Laurence is a writer, teacher and activist specialising in social movements. If you went searching for key academics in the field in Europe Laurence’s name would pop up pretty fast. He co-founded the practitioner-oriented social movement journal Interface, co-ran an activist Masters for five years and works with activists doing PhDs on their own  movement’s practice. His books include Why Social Movements Matter; Understanding European Movements; Voices of 1968; Silence would be Treason: Last Writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa; and We Make Our Own History: Marxism and Social Movements in the Twilight of Neoliberalism. He has been involved in many different kinds of movement since the 1980s, including ecological, international solidarity, human rights and organising against repression, antiwar, community activism, radical media, self-organised spaces, alternative education and the alter-globalisation ‘movement of movements’.

Holly Hammond

Location: Plan to Win : Melbourne, Australia

Holly Hammond is Plan to Win’s founder, director and principal facilitator and trainer. She is also the founder and co-convenor of the Melbourne Campaigners’ Network and Plan to Thrive. Holly brings over twenty years of experience in social movements to her work as an educator, facilitator and mentor. She is passionate about planning, developing coalitions, ending oppression, building community and assisting activists and community workers to lead balanced and rewarding lives.

Guppi Bola

Location: New Economic Organisers Network (NEON), UK

Guppi Bola is Lead Organiser for the European arm of the New Economic Organisers Network (NEON). She is leading the network development across Europe by running training events that bring together organisers from unions, faith groups, NGOs and grassroots organisations whose work supports the emergence of new economy.

Noah Keuzenkamp

Location: Transgender Europe : Berlin, Germany

As Capacity Building Officer at Transgender Europe (TGEU), Noah is in charge of capacity and community building work. He provides support to TGEU’s 100+ member organisations, especially for their trans community organising, organisational development and national advocacy and policy work. Noah has initiated and led much of TGEU’s work on strengthening the wellbeing and self-care of trans activists in Europe and Central Asia. He has organised (or is currently planning) an interactive online campaign and several workshops and joint training sessions with the Ulex Project and other partners on wellbeing and self-care. Noah has been involved in trans and LGBT activism for the past seven years. Before joining TGEU, he worked at other trans and LGBT organisations in Europe and South Asia, focusing on UN advocacy, HIV/AIDS, sex work, and transphobia and homophobia in education.

Ian Manborde

Location: Ruskin College : Oxford, UK

Ian Manborde is Programme Co-ordinator of the MA in International Labour & Trade Union Studies at Ruskin College. He was a student of labour studies at Ruskin (1989-1991) having gained a TUC scholarship following a period spent as a trade union convenor for the CPSA (now PCS) at the Equal Opportunities Commission (now the Commission for Equalities and Human Rights) in Manchester. He went on from Ruskin to gain an MA in comparative labour studies at the University of Warwick and his PGCE at Greenwich University. He has worked extensively in workers’ and trade union education for over twenty years starting his teaching career with the Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) in 1995 and moving on to work at Northern College, Barnsley. He has also worked extensively, in an employed or freelance capacity, as consultant and/or teacher for a large number of trade unions and federations in the UK and internationally.

Celia Kutz

Location: Training for Change : Philadelphia, USA

Celia Kutz is Director of Training for Change, an innovative and influencial grassroots-led training organization in the United States. She has worked as a community organizer building power in South Minneapolis and is a Somatics Movement Educator, focusing her work on the effects of generational trauma on the Ashkenazi Jewish people; an ethnic identity to which she identifies. She has trained environmental activists in Turkey at’s Global Power Shift, worked with Israeli and Palestinians ex-combatants in Jordan, facilitated strategic visioning with Appalachian activists and led nonviolent civil disobedience trainings. Every year she co-facilitates the Super T, a 19-day training of trainers for 30 activists coming from at least six different countries. She leads Training For Change’s Creative Workshop Design, Organizing Skills Institute and the Training for Social Action Trainers.

Maria Llanos

Location: Madrid, Spain

Maria worked for the Red Cross for seven years in community development, strengthening civil society, education, and food security in Latin America and Africa. Building on her studies in social psychology and international cooperation, she decided to take on a Economics for Transition Masters at Schumacher College, UK. This led her into work on organisational change and facilitation for both NGO´s and grassroots organisations. Maria specialises in systemic thinking and participatory methodologies applied to organisations, designing and facilitating training’s around organisational culture, project management, strategic planning, leadership, and skills to work in a complex, changeable and uncertain context.Maria co-founded the Eroles Project a learning for action project, and co-authored Tools for collaborative Work for Social Organizations as well as a book on “acitivism and spirituality”.

Paula Haddock

Paula was INTRAC‘s Training Manager for more than 5 years. She was responsible for managing INTRAC’s broad range of training programmes including tailor-made, open, and blended courses. She has continued her work with INTRAC as an associate and trains on training of trainers, facilitation skills, M&E of training and managing roll outs effectively. She is a co-founding member of the Training Providers Forum which is an informal network of non-profit training providers working across the development and humanitarian sector. The forum has been running for five years, sharing best practices in training provision, forming collaborations, and offering yearly workshops to sector on key themes such as M&E of training and building the capacity of local training providers. Paula has also been exploring how inner practices can help to support social change work through building personal awareness, resilience and insight. She is training to be a mindfulness teacher and is a co-founding member of the Mindfulness and Social Change Network.