Regenerative Activism CEE

A range of tools, collective and personal, which can make our activism more effective and sustainable. They can help us avoid burnout and add continuity to our movement building. A ‘regenerative’ approach goes beyond sustainability to explore how we can organise in ways that actually renew or revitalize our own resources and those of our groups – this can help us stay inspired, nourished, & more creative in our tactical approach.

transformative organising

How do we use organizing strategically in our activism and movement building? How do we develop a practice of transformative organizing, from organizing in silos to building long term alignments, from fighting short term campaigns to advancing a long-term agenda, from applying narrow approaches to power to an expansive one, from protesting from the outside to building governing power? This training designed and delivered by the European Community Organizing Network (ECON) and part of the Ulex Programme will help you address some of these challenges by developing your competencies for Transformative Organizing.

Integral Activist Training

Change is multi-layered. The social field, our organisational cultures, and the individuals within them arise in mutual dependence upon each other. Integral Activist Training supports integrated transformation on all of these levels. Integral Activist Training builds this awarenss into the way we do activist education.