Active Solidarity & Empowerment

This training will help you to learn the know-how of building more inclusive and empowering environments for activism and social change work. Applying knowledge, frameworks and concepts used in anti-oppression work, we'll explore ways to deal with discrimination and oppression at the individual, organizational and systemic levels - learning how to understand our struggles through the lens of intersectionality.

Conflict Transformation

This strand will offer methods, basic skills, frameworks and tools for transforming and dealing with conflicts, turning them into opportunities for deeper understanding and learning. We’ll learn how to support the building of shared understanding, how to access emotions and inner experience, to hold such spaces more safely, and attend to the healing involved in handling conflict.

transformative collaboration

Working with others is not always easy. It can feel frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, conflicts arise. But collaboration is key to collective agency and empowerment. It’s a basis for effectiveness, and it can bring forth emergent and creative qualities that alone we can barely imagine. Collaboration is a vital context for individual transformation, enabling us to embody our deepest values.