transformative collaboration

Working with others is not always easy. It can feel frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, conflicts arise. But collaboration is key to collective agency and empowerment. It’s a basis for effectiveness, and it can bring forth emergent and creative qualities that alone we can barely imagine. Collaboration is a vital context for individual transformation, enabling us to embody our deepest values.

Integral Activist Training for Trainers

Change is multi-layered. The social field, our organisational cultures, and the individuals within them arise in mutual dependence upon each other. Integral Activist Training supports integrated transformation on all of these levels. Integral Activist Training builds this awarenss into the way we do activist education.

Strategy Training

This training is about making our action count. It shares key tools and helps build skills for developing effective and responsive strategies. Using a hands-on and applied-experiential learning method, participants will learn to analyse contexts, create vision, identify opportunities and challenges, and develop responsive plans to move towards their objectives. At this crucial time for our social movements, the need for focused, well-crafted, and well-informed strategies couldn’t be more important.