RNC: Aims, Methodologies and Influences

Radical Nature Connection Aims:

– To sit within a critical and systemic analysis of disconnection as rooted in Empire: capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy and hetero-patriarchy

– To emphasise that a personal sense of reconnection alone isn’t enough; that the systemic, political, economic, cultural and psychological practices that drive the dysfunction and alienation must also be addressed. Real connection comes through action and solidarity

– To acknowledge cultural contexts and embrace decolonial, indigenous and queer perspectives

– To share practices and teachings with care and respect for their origins – working to identify the sources and understand the historical and present-day power dynamics between these cultures and our own, in order to uplift the voices and struggles of these cultures, critically examine the impact on them, and act in solidarity with them

– To require practitioners, especially facilitators, to reckon with their own social position, maintaining an ongoing practice of self-critique and education around underlying assumptions and privilege

– To recognise that ‘nature’ is ultimately not a separate entity that humans can be disconnected from (or connected to), and that the language of ‘nature’ and ‘nature connection’ has limitations and contradictions – but chooses to reframe rather than reject these concepts

– To acknowledge that based on race, immigration status, economic status and other ways capitalism marginalises certain communities, so not everyone has equal access to nature or nature connection experiences. RNC works towards creating more opportunities for marginalised people to access this work, and strives to make trainings accessible and inclusive to all

– To recognise that these systems of oppression also exclude some people from the privilege of (particularly paid) facilitation of NC work, and works to create opportunities for paid work in this area for people from marginalised communities

– To resist the urge for urgency, recognising that important and deep work requires time; move at a meaningful pace, while continuing to strive for change (with thanks to Wretched of the Earth for this wisdom)

– Go beyond individual-focused approaches to emphasise the need for collective connection and action

– Focus on applying the benefits of nature connection work to leverage change, such as building capacities of social movements and supporting frontline communities

– To acknowledge place-based / colonial histories at the site of practice

RNC Methodologies and Influences

RNC is informed by many existing methodologies and approaches, incorporating and building upon them. They include:

Nature-based practice and learning

Images of hands holding stone

8 Shields model of nature connection and regenerative culture

Holistic participatory education

Radical Ecology

Work that Reconnects

Emergent Strategy

Systems Thinking

Meditative and reflective practices

Embodied movement practices


Shambala Warrior Mind Training

Coyote Mentoring

Joyful Militancy

Queer Nature


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