February 8, 2024

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Collaborating with others isn’t always easy. It can be frustrating, draining and unproductive. Meetings drag, personalities clash, power conflicts arise, chaos reigns and all this gets in the way of achieving what the group or organization set out to do at the beginning.  However, working together is crucial for collective agency and empowerment. It’s a basis for effectiveness, a crucial means of embodying our values, and it can bring forth emergent and creative qualities we couldn’t have on our own. Collaboration is not only a root of social transformation, it also provides a vital context for individual transformation, enabling us to share and live out our deepest values.

To collaborate effectively, we need to understand how groups function, learn to structure and organize our work, increase self-awareness, hone our ethical sensibility, and transcend our limiting habits to bring forth more helpful and creative capabilities. This course integrates practical skills and approaches to group and organsational development with reflective and group practices that make the personal-interpersonal interface a truly creative place to be.

This training is for anyone working in a community or organization, in a social change project, social enterprise or business and who wants to work creatively, dynamically and effectively with others.

This training is for anyone in a community, organization, social change project, or business who wants to work creatively, dynamically, and effectively with others. 

It will cover key themes including:

  • What are transformative groups
  • Why collaborate
  • Develop shared purpose and vision
  • Creating culture that reflects shared values
  • Power and privilege
  • Decision making 
  • Feedback and good communication
  • Effective meetings
  • Facilitation skills
  • Working with conflict (the basics)
  • Types and roles in teams
  • Course Manual