Creative Tools for Social Change Spring Remix

31 March to 7 April 2018

How can we draw on the power of the heart, the fire of the imagination, and the dynamism of the body to empower social change through our creativity?

This week long event will bring together a group of richly talented facilitators and practitioners to share and explore creative tools that can be used in a variety of social change settings. This version of the course is designed and delivered by members of the Moving Sounds collective. The autumn 2017 version of the course filled so quickly we thought we should remix and re-release it by dope demand! It will take a cross/multi-disciplinary approach, drawing on the arts, social permaculture , nature connection and mindfulness – and applying these to community empowerment , project development and regenerative activism.

  • Explore our own creativity through all sorts of arts based activities
  • Learn practices and develop tools to bring fresh ideas into fruition
  • Use participatory and peer to peer learning while collaborating on projects during the week
  • Share resources and methodologies from the growing movement of artists & artivists working as drivers of change
  • Practice mindfulness to realise our creative potential, stretch our comfort zones and remain emotionally resilient for the long run
  • Share and celebrate our stories of courage and disobedience
  • Design the beginnings of creative projects to take back to our communities / organisations / movements
  • Identify and move through our creative limitations

This course is aimed at anyone interested in learning, sharing and exploring creative, collaborative and participatory tools for social justice. The facilitators have planned activities, talks and collaborative tasks but will allow space in the timetable for participant led activities to emerge.

Suggested Contribution
In the solidarity economy: €300/€500/€900
(see the details of our approach to Solidarity Economics for details)

The Team

Our Name

Ulex: Latin (argelaga Catalan, gorse English) noun:

1. A thorny-evergreen flowering shrub, with a high capacity for regeneration and resilience. Its seedpods open in contact with fire and it reshoots from charred stumps. A successionary plant that grows well under challenging conditions. It improves soil fertility through nitrogen fixing, preparing the way for renewed biodiversity.

2. A traditional choice for igniting fires. Burns hot and bright.

3. A networked project adding nutrition and fertility to European social movements through training and capacity building. It kindles the realisation of social justice, ecological intelligence, and cognitive vitality.