Coming up – Regenerative Activism Conference 2021

January 29, 2021

We’re excited to be co-hosting, for the fourth year running, the Regenerative Activism 2021 Conference: Building & Sustaining Our Movements, a series of 4 critical conversations and a half day workshop exploring the transformative power of social movements. We’d love you to join us!

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Over the space of five weeks, in collaboration with Gita Parihar and Advaya, we’ll bring together activists, organisers, thinkers and doers from across the world engaged in diverse social movement practice. We’ll reflect deeply together, share lived experience, and explore how we can increase our collective capacity to build and sustain our movements at this crucial time.


We know that to build and sustain powerful and effective movements, we need spaces to learn from each other’s struggles. Regenerative Activism 2021: Building & Sustaining Our Movements consists of 4x 2-hour sessions taking place each Wednesday from 24 February to 21 March 2021, followed by a 4-hour Sunday workshop.

Session themes and speakers include:

1st Session – Facing Repression: Building Movement Resilience with Glacier KwongDilar Dirik and Laurence Cox. On Wednesday 24th February. 

In this session we’ll draw on the experiences of people working across diverse contemporary movements, including the Kurdish movements from Rojava and pro-democracy organising in Hong Kong. We’ll hear how different systems construct consent for repressive violence or find ways to conceal movement suppression within the mechanisms of social reproduction and what this means for our organising. Learn more…

2nd Session –  Routes of Resistance: Narrative, Culture and Power with Emilia RoigLyla June Johnston and Joshua Virasami. On Wednesday 3rd March.

In this session we’ll explore movements that draw on specific cultural legacies and are rooted in unique historical struggles, and discuss how we might build new movements of solidarity with those shaped by different routes. We’ll discuss these issues in relation to the politics of British Black identity, relationship to heritage and tradition in indigenous organising, and current challenges within decolonial and antiracist movement building today. Learn more…

3rd Session – Global Movements: Power, Resource and Resilience with Kumi NaidooNnimmo Bassey and Silje Lundberg. On Wednesday 10th March.

This session explores the multi-layered response of global environmental movements to the complex series of threats that affect all who inhabit this planet. We will discuss questions of power, money and resource in movement-building, looking at differences between the global north and south, as well as professional and volunteer activist spaces. We will consider sources of and responses to burnout and explore the distinct contribution of youth activism. Learn more…

4th Session – Psychosocial Practices for Sustaining Our Movements with AlunaDaiara Tukano and Peter Steudtner. On Wednesday 17th March.

In this session we’ll talk with practitioners who have developed holistic frameworks that recognise the interplay between the individual, group and socio-political levels of activist practice. Drawing on wisdom gained from struggles within indigenous women’s movements in Brazil alongside models of psychosocial accompaniment based on ‘liberation psychology’ in Mexico,  we’ll explore integrated methods of analysis and strategy to deal with psychosocial, physical and digital threats. Learn more…

5th Session – Regenerative Activism: Building & Sustaining Our Movements. Workshop by Ulex Project. On Sunday 21st March.

A highly participatory and interactive closing session, this half day workshop will draw on the themes of the previous four dialogues, where together we’ll draw out key areas of learning and ask what this means for our practices of sustaining and building powerful social movements today. Learn more…


In order to make the event as accessible as possible this conference has a tiered pricing structure so please pay what feels right to you, and get in touch if finances get in the way of your attendance. We recommend attending the whole series if you can, but it is possible to buy tickets for individual sessions if preferred.

We look forward to learning alongside you very soon!


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