Support our Crowdfunder & the launch of the new centre!

February 24, 2017

Mark the date in your diary – MARCH 23 – when we’ll be launching our first crowdfunder! In fact our first ever people-powered fundraising campaign since we began offering trainings in 2008…

Since then our work has touched into the lives of hundreds of people working on the frontlines of progressive social change; we’ve innovated and offered thousands of hours of trainings which integrate inner and social transformation, helping seed spin-off cultures of Sustainable Activism in several countries. Here’s some testimonials from previous participants who’ve been on our trainings.

Now with rising tensions in Europe, demand for our work is increasing –  our courses are constantly oversubscribed and our program is full. The Ulex Project brings us to exciting new ground with the launch of a new education centre and training programme. But to really take this work to the next level, we’re going to need your help.

The training centre will be a point where community organisers and activists from all across Europe – people working on some of the most pressing issues of these times – can develop the skills and relationships necessary to make their work really effective. We’ve got the programme, the networks and an old farmhouse in  a small Catalan village – now we need to raise €40,000 for the final building renovations. 

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So why now?

Europe is facing some deep social and ecological challenges. In many places there’s a fragmenting political climate and the far right is gaining ground. At the same time there’s an inspiring renewal of participation in progressive social movements, with growing numbers of people stepping up to shape our future. But for these movements to be resilient and have real impact, capacity building and training are essential.

From human rights defenders fighting for LGBTQI rights in Turkey, to immigration lawyers working with some of the most vulnerable communities, to arctic ecologists taking on the fossil fuel industry directly, to community organisers pushing for fuller transparency between government, banks and big business – our trainings bring together passionate and dedicated people – to strengthen networks and learn new skills for the creation of a better world.   With the new centre we’ll be supporting crucial social change at this pivotal time. Please support our crowdfunder and get the building ready to go!

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So you’re keen to help out? Great! Here are some ways you can help:

1. Be a Founding Donor: We’re looking for 20 amazing people to commit to donating between €500 – €2000 during the first few days of the Crowdfunding campaign. We’ve done our research and know that significant donations at the beginning really  make a difference – helping the campaign build momentum for the following 40 days. Could you help? Or do you know anyone with deep pockets who could? In return you’ll get your name emblazoned on a massive ‘Wall of Thank You’ at the entrance of the Ulex Centre. You’ll also get regular updates and reports on the progress of the project, with case studies and personal stories showing the way in which your investment is making a tangible on-the-ground difference to real people’s lives. You’ll also get a personal invitation to come out and visit, and get a taste of the work that we do, and meet with other star donors.

2. Be a Fundraising Superhero : We’re looking for 20 people who will commit to use their networks and creativity to raise between €500 – €2000 during the 40 day crowdfunding campaign. This will involve getting other people excited about the project, and approaching friends, family, organisations and broader networks to ask for donations. This would be such an enormous help. Perks as above.

3. Be a Comms Superstar: We’re looking for people to help us spread the word of the crowdfunder through their networks, projects, communities and organisations. This will mean helping us get the word out there across your social media platforms, email lists and work/friend/family relationship networks. We will provide regular updates and social media posts that can help you. And you’ll get a tote bag of Ulex project treats – including stickers, postcards and a digital download of our Sustainable Activism activity handbook – to keep your own network’s activism sustainable for the years ahead.

4. Just give what you can and spread the word in whatever way you are able!


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If you can pledge to support us in any of the ways described (or maybe some other ways we haven’t thought of) then please drop a line to

 –  – with thanks and appreciation,  the Ulex team –  –