Bea Xu

Bea Xu is a Chinese-British psychic worker based in London. Using collaborative play, speculative fiction and therapeutic intervention they design and means-test integrated, sustainable and post-capitalist realities with live participants. Bea’s work is intuitive, visionary and narrative-driven – foregrounding blood magic, decolonized time and non-binary logic with an experimental, EcoGothic focus. Informed by their studies and clinical experience at London’s CCPE as a trainee integrative, transpersonal psychotherapist, Bea is the creatrix of ritual laboratory LUNARCHY 2.0 and recently completed the 9th Alternative Education Programme at Rupert in Vilnius. They perform with FemmeDaemonium, clowned with the RenewRebels and attended Creative Tools for Social Change at Ulex in 2018 – having since collaborated with Furtherfield Gallery, Omsk Social Club, Ittah Yodah, FemmeDaemonium and Heal Her Project, with work selected for Podium; Tech Arts Gallery; the 14th Baltic Triennial; IAM Festival; UNFIX Festival; Solo Show; Artlake Festival; Virtual Futures; ONCA Gallery; Arts of the Working Class; gal-dem; daikon*; NewCon Press and Gods & Radicals Press.