Lena Bielska

Lena Bielska (they/them) – psychotherapist, working in the Gestalt therapy. One of their main areas of interest is therapeutic development in working with LGBTQ+ people and people from groups at risk of discrimination and exclusion. Certified WenDo trainer, anti-discrimination trainer, drama trainer. They specialize therapeutically in the area of GDSR (gender, sex and relationships diversity). Their experience also includes 4 years of working with people experiencing sexual violence and violence in close relationships.
As a trainer, they work mainly in the area of counteracting violence and discrimination as well as empowerment, counteracting burnout and crises in activist and social work. Founder of HerStory Foundation and initiator of the Center for Activist Support. Innovator and creator of projects for social change and human rights. Fellow of many international organizations and cohorts.