May MacKeith

May is an experienced nature facilitator, who’s been helping people to connect with nature for over 13 years with Forest School Camps (FSC) which brings large groups of children and adults together in temporary community for 2-week camps. For the past 6 years she has been involved in developing and delivering training for FSC staff to help reinvigorate their passion for nature and fuel the fire in the bellies of the kids on camps. This work formed the foundation for Wild Time Weekends, which May and the Co-Resist team set up to bring better access to nature to adults from a range of backgrounds. More recently she co-founded the Natural Resilience Project, which builds personal resilience though connection to nature with migrant women in East London.

In her free time May is a passionate campaigner and activist, and for the last decade or more has worked on a range of issues, often with an environmental emphasis. With Plane Stupid she focused on aviation, and went on to help establish Grow Heathrow, a squatted community food growing project in the path of the proposed 3rd runway. More recently her energy has been with Reclaim the Power, fighting dirty big business, and standing with communities being damaged by extractive industries.

This work has been both exhilarating and exhausting, and after a bout of incapacitating burn out, she found a life-line at Ecodharma, on Sustaining Resistance: Empowering Renewal. Gradually returning to better form, she became aware how essential personal resilience is in a world where social change can thrive. In November 2015 she undertook training at Ecodharma in how to facilitate resilience work for others, and has been weaving this work into the fabric of her nature connection and activism work ever since.