Trainer Network

Mika (she/they): Woven with the seeds of my white migration family stories, I joined my first grassroots group 25 years ago. Today, I am a trainer and facilitator as part of the Berlin-based collective Movement School – Bewegungsschule (https://bewegungsschule.org/). Bewegungsschule is integrating Transformative Organizing, intersectionality, Training for Change (https://www.trainingforchange.org/) methodology and Processwork. I’m an organizer for a labor union and constantly learning new things on strategizing, organizing, and movement building. I deeply believe in the power of experiential learning. I root in activism, diversity, community, heartfelt joy and connection. Currently, I am most intrigued by mycelium and what futures may arise for our movements and societies if we engage more with it. I like to think and feel small and big at the same time: how are our everyday lives entangled in what we’re trying to change?