May MacKeith
Location: United Kingdom
Role: Organiser
Organisation: Reclaim the Power

The courses I’ve attended have been of exceptionally high standard. Through profound insight, care, and attention to detail, and a unique approach to course content, they provided me with invaluable resources and skills, across a wide range of subject areas. These have transformed my ability to contribute to the networks I’m involved in and dramatically influenced the course of my life. By providing me with tools for personal resilience the trainings have helped me to refocus my energies and understand better how I can contribute meaningfully to creating social change. The skills and tools I have learnt have been formative in the work I have taken forwards, and I feel privileged to have received training in how to pass on these experiences to others and spread this unique combination of techniques through my networks. In particular I have been exceptionally thankful for the bursary funding which has enabled me to attend when I needed to most but when my personal finances were minimal.