Who we are

A hub of collaboration, the Ulex Project is run by Col·lectiu Eco-Actiu, a non-profit involved in the design and delivery of residential trainings since 2008. The Ulex Project is a fresh initiative building on that experience.

Our ethos

Connectivity is a key to cognitive vitality and learning. Diversity is crucial to resilience and adaptive capacity. We live at a time where social and ecological challenges require a shift from atomised individualism to networks of solidarity. It implies a new collectivity which still honours individuality. It requires cooperation balanced with autonomy. Ulex thrives on connectivity and seeks to be a reference for value based collaboration.

Ulex works with numerous individuals and organisations to design and deliver our training programme. We establish partnerships with organisations across Europe and internationally. We bring diverse groups and individuals together in learning communities. We support organisations, groups, and individuals to foster collaborations, build networks, share experience, and deepen movement resilience through meaningful connection.

Core Team


Ella has an academic background in International Relations and Critical Theory and has 10 years’ experience working with not for profit organisations across diverse social themes including: sustainable integration of migrant communities; local community engagement in national policy making and structural relationships between poverty and disenfranchisement.  As Project Coordinator of the Ulex project her primary focus is building project partnerships, governance, strategy and the overall co-ordination of the Ulex residential training centre.  Working with Col·lectiu Eco Actiu since 2008 she has an excellent understanding of its training programme and the cultural and linguistic needs of pan European projects. 


G has been involved in social movement organising and education since the late 1980’s. He is a highly regarded trainer and has designed several training programmes covering areas such as sustainable activism, effective soci-political organising, ecology and systems thinking, wilderness immersion and nature connection work. He has also developed training for trainers work. He is known for highly innovative work blending pedagogical methodologies, which has inspired numerous training initiatives across Europe. He’s what you might call the Ulex Programme Director.  


Lin is passionate about supporting trainers and activists to become more strategic and resilient in their educational work. She has worked in capacity building roles at a local, regional and international level for nearly a decade, developing programmes to strengthen networks between individuals and organisations working for positive social change. Her work for the Ulex Project is centred around European partnership development, where she’s particularly keen to work with people and organisations shaking up structures and systems of oppression.

Our Name

Ulex: Latin (argelaga Catalan, gorse English) noun:

1. A thorny-evergreen flowering shrub, with a high capacity for regeneration and resilience. Its seedpods open in contact with fire and it reshoots from charred stumps. A successionary plant that grows well under challenging conditions. It improves soil fertility through nitrogen fixing, preparing the way for renewed biodiversity.

2. A traditional choice for igniting fires. Burns hot and bright.

3. A networked project adding nutrition and fertility to European social movements through training and capacity building. It kindles the realisation of social justice, ecological intelligence, and cognitive vitality.