Partner Organisations


Location: Brussels, Belgium

Act4Change is a Belgian NGO that empowers young pioneers with a passion for change.  They offer a network of connection, capacity building skills and events,  and experiment ‘labs’ where learning opportunities are offered.  Through their Generation T programme they aim to create a continuing and self-sustaining network of young changemakers who take the next step of collectively challenging current companies, organisations, structures. 

The Society of Anti-Discrimination Education (TEA)

Location: Poland

The Society of Anti-Discrimination Education (TEA) (Polish: Towarzystwa Edukacji Antydyskryminacyjnej), was founded in 2009 by people involved in anti-discrimination education in Poland. The Society brings together dozens of people who specialise in this area, including coaches, trainers and creators of projects which promote equality and diversity, as well as working to support groups and individuals who are vulnerable to discrimination. They develop and disseminate anti-discrimination educational activities so that everyone can co-create a world free of discrimination and violence.

European Village

Location: Athens, Greece

European Village is a not-profit non-governmental youth organization established in Athens, Greece, in 2006.  Their focus is towards promoting and offering mobility learning opportunities to young adult learners, which sensitise young people towards social and environmental issues.  Through training programmes they help young people with personal development opportunities which encourage active participation in shaping a better world.  

Women's Fund Georgia

Location: Georgia

Women’s Fund in Georgia supports women’s groups, activities and initiatives for social change in Georgia. They work with women to provide them with proper knowledge and information about women’s human rights, organizational development and related issues, and to improve their leadership skills. They run capacity building programmes which empower women’s groups working in all regions of Georgia through awareness building, helping to increase the level of gender conscience and civic participation amongst women

LABO vwz

Location: Belgium

LABO vzw is a non-profit educational organisation that strives as a movement towards a strong civil society that collectively work to create social change and a commitment to social justice. LABO vzw believes in the power of communities to facilitate radical transformation of the current model of society. A crucial condition is the sustainability and democratization of community associations that have come under pressure. LABO vzw advocates for the extension of a creative community of discerning global citizens who transform our society. The acronym LABO literally stands for “Learning, Acting, Movement and Organizing.”


Location: Poland

SPINA are a training collective for grassroots groups specialising in burn-out prevention and sustainable activism courses.

Transgender Europe (TGEU)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Transgender Europe envisions a Europe free from discrimination, where each person can live according to their gender identity and gender expression without interference and where trans people and their families are respected and valued.

European Youth For Action (EYFA)

Location: Berlin, Germany

EYFA is a European network of individuals, grassroots organisations and collectives working to transform communities in their approach to environmental, social, political and economic positions. EYFA’s main aim is to encourage young people’s initiative and autonomy, serving as a catalyst for action on local and international levels. A special focus is put on providing access for groups to take part in international grassroots social movements.

Seeds for Change

Location: UK

Seeds For Change work with groups and organisations fighting to defend their communities, stopping environmental devastation and creating socially just and sustainable alternatives. They offer training, meeting facilitation and online resources on collective organising and consensus decision making, developing strategy, campaign and action skills, setting up groups and co-ops, co-operative governance and training for trainers.

CELL : Centre for Ecological Learning

Location: Luxembourg

CELL is a non-profit organisation that provides an experimental space for thinking, researching, disseminating and practising post-carbon lifestyles and regenerative culture. Taking nature and evolution as their primary source of inspiration they use the patterns and forms found in nature to create living, evolving and resilient systems and organisations. In this process, other cells are coming to take part in a complex and interconnected organism.

Transition Bristol

Transition Bristol is a volunteer-led initiative that acts as a support and enabler for city-level resilience projects in Bristol. It incorporates a variety of groups, projects and organisations who design and deliver activities supporting and promoting learning around the creation of resilient communities and social and ecological renewal.

Transition Netzwerk e.V.

Location: Witzenhausen, Germany

Transition Netzwerk e.V. represents and connects a variety of groups, projects and organisations who design and deliver activities supporting and promoting learning and project management around the creation of resilient communities and social and ecological renewal.

Transition Brixton

Location: Brixton, UK

Transition Brixton incorporates a variety of groups, projects and organisations who design and deliver activities supporting and promoting learning around the creation of resilient communities and social and ecological renewal. Transition Brixton’s educational work over the last five years has been extremely broad, including workshops and trainings on, for example: permaculture, well-being courses, practical skills for sustainable communities, food growing and sustainable land use.

Co-Exist CIC

Location: Bristol, UK

Coexist CIC is a social enterprise, set up as a Community Interest Company, which is based on a philosophy of active learning and engagement. Founded in 2008, we are committed to supporting local communities to share, learn skills and co-create a thriving and progressive learning context, which promotes a healthier world for all.

Ecodharma Centre

Location: Spain

The Ecodharma training collective is a non-profit, post-capitalist team who have innovated and delivered programmes across 20 countries for close to a decade, collaborating with diverse organisations and trainers, to support hundreds of activists from across Europe. They’ve developed a renowned training programme that has supported a culture of sustainable activism.

Cooperativa Integral Catalan

Location: Spain

The Cooperativa Integral Catalana is a transition initiative for social transformation through self-management, self-organization and networking. The CIC’s objective is to generate a self-managed free society outside law, State control, and the rules of the capitalist market.

New Economics Organisers Network (NEON)

Location: London, UK

We are currently in conversation with NEON about about developing training for trainers across Europe. NEON is an independent network of activists working to replace neoliberalism with an economy and politics based on social and economic justice. Members collaborate on campaigns, discuss issues and work together. NEON also run trainings which helping to build leadership and the strength of organisations in the movement.