Movement Learning Catalyst: A Year+ Programme

We’re living at a historical point of disruption which contains both great peril and promise. The stalled engine of neoliberal growth, bankrupted political leadership, deepening inequalities in wealth and power, ongoing racist and patriarchal violence, and the fierce urgency of the ‘ecological now’ delimit the terrain upon which we need to contest our future. Against […]

Solidarity Networks and Leaning into Wisdom Beyond Trauma

Tens of thousands of refuge-seekers continue to die preventable deaths at sea, and in the absence of State support, volunteer solidarity networks are providing infrastructure and vital care. To support their work, Ulex recently teamed up with organisations working in Greece, Italy, and Spain to develop resources for enhancing psychosocial resilience in migrant solidarity activism. […]

Regenerative Activism 2021 Round-Up

For the fourth year running the Ulex Project collaborated with Advaya and Gita Parihar to offer the Regenerative Activism conference, this time focussed on the theme of Building and Sustaining Our Movements. Over a five week period, from 24 February to 21 March 2021, hundreds of people tuned in around the world to participate in […]

New for 2021: 4 month LGBTQI+ resilience training in Eastern & Central Europe

For over a decade, Ulex trainers have been working on psycho-social resilience training for activists. In recent years we have been developing a curriculum aimed specifically at the LGBTQI+ community, alongside supporting social movements in Eastern & Central Europe. To address the specific challenges of the LGBTQI+ community in this region, the Ulex Project is […]

Ulex Workshop at Global Just Recovery Gathering

Coming up from April 9 – 11, 350.0rg and hundreds of organisations round the world will host a global three-day online event for the climate movement to ‘recharge, rebuild, and reconnect’.  The Ulex Project will be offering an Activist Psychosocial Resilience workshop on Friday April 9. Choices are being made right now that will shape […]

Coming up - Regenerative Activism Conference 2021

We’re excited to be co-hosting, for the fourth year running, the Regenerative Activism 2021 Conference: Building & Sustaining Our Movements, a series of 4 critical conversations and a half day workshop exploring the transformative power of social movements. We’d love you to join us!   Over the space of five weeks, in collaboration with Gita Parihar […]

Beyond Horizontalism and Hierarchy

How can we design decision-making frameworks and share power in more nuanced and effective ways in our movements? In recent years there has been an explosion of interest in agile and decentralised approaches to self-organising structures, drawing on systems thinking, information theory, and notions of agility. In the Organisations Revisioned training at Ulex we explore how […]

Building beyond burnout in Sweden

In Sweden, four activists who attended a training at Ulex launched a Resilient Movements project on their return. They speak about the negative impact of productivity standards on activist culture, and how social movements can become more resilient through daring to break silence around burnout. By Valdemar Möller   Two days before this interview, Lanja Rashid and Olivia Linander […]

Narrative is fractal : Why we need more than words to truly face racism

In the first of a series of profile pieces on Ulex project partners, we’re highlighting the excellent work of the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) in Wales. PIRC is an independent charity which works to help movements – for equality, anti-oppression, and environmental justice – to tell better stories for a different world. PIRC believe our society […]

Reclaiming power with women's self-defence in Belarus and Poland

It’s been a year of uprisings. Some of the boldest have been the women-led social movements in Eastern Europe. Tens of thousands rallied against abortion laws in Poland, while in Belarus women led the way to challenge the falsified presidential election. Ahead of Ulex’s first Self-Defence, Empowerment and Anti-Discrimination Training for women and trans activists, […]