Qui som

Com a epicentre col·laboratiu, el Projecte Ulex està dirigit pel Col·lectiu Eco-Actiu, una associació sense ànim de lucre implicada en el disseny i la facilitació de formacions residencials des del 2008. El Projecte Ulex és una nova iniciativa desenvolupada sobre tota aquesta experiència.


La connectivitat és clau per a la vitalitat cognitiva i l’aprenentatge. La diversitat és crucial per a la resiliència i l’adaptabilitat cognitiva. Vivim en una època en què els reptes socials i ecològics exigeixen un canvi: de l’individualisme atomitzat a les xarxes de solidaritat. Aquest canvi implica una nova col·lectivitat que no deixi d’honrar la individualitat. Requereix cooperació equilibrada amb autonomia. Ulex floreix amb la connectivitat i aspira a convertir-se en una referència de la col·laboració basada en els valors.

Des d’Ulex, treballem amb nombroses persones i organitzacions per a dissenyar i impartir el nostre programa de formació. Establim associacions amb organitzacions d’arreu d’Europa i a escala internacional. Reunim diversos grups i individus en comunitats d’aprenentatge. Donem suport a organitzacions, grups i persones per tal de fomentar col·laboracions, construir xarxes, intercanviar experiències i aprofundir en la resiliència dels moviments socials a través de la creació de connexions significatives.

Core Team


Location: Catalunya

Ella has an academic background in International Relations, Critical Theory and Refugee Studies and has 10 years’ experience working with not for profit organisations across diverse themes including: advocacy for migrant communities; local community engagement in national policy making; and structural relationships between poverty and disenfranchisement.  She became interested in popular education methodology 10 years ago and has been using this to support groups to develop transformative practices since 2013.

As Project Coordinator for Ulex her work bridges facilitation, developing project partnerships, governance, strategy, and project and programme evaluation.  She has coordinated more than 30 partnerships with a range of different actors across European social movements.  Working with Col·lectiu Eco Actiu since 2008 she has an excellent understanding of its training programme, and its approach to pan European capacity building.


Location: Catalunya

G has been involved in social movement organising and education since the late 1980’s. He is a highly regarded trainer and has designed several training programmes covering areas such as psychosocial resilience in activism, the ecology of social movements, socio-political organising and systems thinking, as well as wilderness immersion and nature connection work. He has developed a number of training for trainers programmes. He is known for highly innovative work blending pedagogical methodologies, which has inspired numerous training initiatives across Europe. He’s what you might call the Ulex Programme Director.  


Location: Catalunya

Neus has been passionate about education since she was 8 years old and went dumpster diving in teachers’ recycling bins for worksheets to help other students learn at break-time. Fast-forward some years and you can find her moving from Castellon to Scotland to study Community Education, with a focus on youth work and adult education. Couple of years on she puts on hold her development as an educator to co-found The New Leaf Co-op, a successful workers’ co-op where she gets to explore and understand how productivity meets good working conditions meets overturning the food system meets resourcing the commons with resilient and democratically managed capital. Her initial passion never faded so she has now brought her admin and project coordination skills to Ulex, where she intends to slowly dip her nose back into education.


Location: Catalunya

Sheila joined the Ulex team in 2019. She supports partner organisations and is taking a lead role developing Ulex’s work building capacity for POC and migrant led activism. Prior to joining Ulex her activism was primarily focused in the UK around grassroots organizing, including the anti-fracking, anti-aviation and anti oil sponsorship movements.


Location: Catalunya

Kat’s social change practice started with zero waste grassroots initiatives in Russia, developing these into a regional project integrating citizens initiatives, local authorities, and international networks. To her role as project coordinator, she brings experience of international collaboration and municipal level organising. On the path of her own activist burnout recovery she got immersed into dance improvisation & somatic practices, which fed her inspiration about mindfulness and nature connection for resourcing sustainable activism.


Location: Catalunya

As a social activist and trainer, and a member of SPINA trainer’s for social change collective and European Action for Youth (EYFA) network, Ewe leads trainings on group dynamics, consensus decision making, conflict resolution and sustainable activism. Their work is primarily with grassroots groups involved in social and environmental struggles, as well as NGOs working in the areas of social and environmental justice, in Poland and internationally.  Ewe is deeply committed to the work and involved also in trauma and emotional support for grassroots activists, currently dedicating most of their time to feminist, trans* and queer struggles through writing, performing and leading workshops. Ewe is also a WenDo trainer – a self defense and self assertiveness method for women and trans* people and they are passionate about working with body awarenesses and different bodywork methods as a radical mean of deconstructing internalized systems of oppression. They are a member of the Ulex core team.


Location: UK

Lindsay helped launch the Ulex Project in 2016 and now works as the principal storyteller. She loves making visible the stories and relationships that sit at the core of our work, stories which champion fresh ideas, insights and approaches to struggles, whilst connecting people together to build stronger, more resilient movements.

Project Team Members

Lou Hemmerman

Location: L'Escala

Lou’s background in academia and sociological research supports her ongoing passion for  documenting and communicating Ulex’s extensive knowledge of burnout and trauma in the activist field. As a trainer and designer for Resourcing Resilience, Working with Trauma, Lou is currently training in somatic methods of working with trauma, tension, stress and overwhelm which she applies to her research work and embodiment practice.  In addition, Lou is currently the Ulex coordinator on an international project developing resources and training material for the newly emerging field of migrant solidarity resilience work.

Our Name

Ulex: Latin (argelaga Catalan, gorse English) noun:

1. A thorny-evergreen flowering shrub, with a high capacity for regeneration and resilience. Its seedpods open in contact with fire and it reshoots from charred stumps. A successionary plant that grows well under challenging conditions. It improves soil fertility through nitrogen fixing, preparing the way for renewed biodiversity.

2. A traditional choice for igniting fires. Burns hot and bright.

3. A networked project adding nutrition and fertility to European social movements through training and capacity building. It kindles the realisation of social justice, ecological intelligence, and cognitive vitality.